Big Announcements From Our October 27th Event!


Big Announcements From Our October 27th Event!

Hello KAIZEN Fans! We just got done having a big reveal event this week where we covered the latest and greatest for Team KAIZEN!

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First up, we now have a sister-studio called Ingenium!



Ingenium is the 501(c)3 non-profit side of our crew and will help Team KAIZEN continue our efforts to use video games for positive impacts in the community and education sectors. To put it basically, Team KAIZEN is where we make the games we want to make and Ingenium is where we have the impact we want to have. By securing non-profit status for Ingenium, we’re hoping to create opportunities where we can get more grants that enable us to impact more people. This is kicking off by us doing more LittleBigPlanet Club camps around Great Falls, doing an all-day experience for the schools in Power, Montana and securing grants from Montana Girls STEM Collaborative and Child’s Play that will allow us to introduce VR technology into our curriculum. This includes a GoPro Omni rig that will allow us to create virtual reality field trips and classes on how to author VR content, which we will roll out in 2017:


The two studios will definitely learn from each other and help/borrow ideas and the like, and we’re excited to have this new facet of our crew! For those wondering, the headset-rocking fox would have been the mascot for our school had we won the XQ Super School Competition, so we decided he gets to live on as the face for Ingenium! We like to tell people he’s screaming for his love of gaming and steak :-).

As part of our new ability to have VR in our camps, we had VR units on hand at our event (both a phone based solution running a VR roller coaster and PlayStation VR running PSVR Worlds) to help people understand what this technology brings to our region. The cool thing was that, for most of the attendees, this was their first experience with VR–you could definitely see the change before and after their demos, it’s definitely a tech best experienced as opposed described to you!


And, of course, the big crazy thing was getting Shattered Soul’s Pre-Alpha running on 3 big projection screens!!!!! This was definitely a tiny bit nail-biting for us as we had only gotten Shattered Soul’s Pre-Alpha playable the night before (the build people were playing actually arrived in my email inbox 10 PM the previous night -18 hours before showtime). However, people LOVED it!! We had people laughing the whole time, lining up to play it and taking us aside and telling us how, despite the earliness of the build, our team should be proud of themselves! One guy even said, “In this buggy state I can still see where the fun is! I can see where it’s going and I can’t wait to see the build become what it’s going to be!” It was definitely an emotional experience to see a game that we have been working on for a decade now (actual work on the pre-alpha has been on and off but didn’t really gain steam until this last year and a half) finally arrive in a playable state and have people who aren’t connected to it positively react!


Part of the reason it was so cool too was we had several LittleBigPlanet Club Alumni in attendance (like Zayah and Max playing in the pic above) who got to see in a very real way that what they’re learning in LittleBigPlanet just grows from there into things like crazy Unity projects :-). It was a rush to finally start showing off what we’ve been working on and hear people exclaim about how much of a blast they’re having!


So, that’s it for right now KAIZEN fans but it won’t be long before we’re showing you even more! We plan to have a target art style render of Haya done soon (much like the one for Elymas we showed you last year), and we’re going to keep working away on the demo to make it everything it needs to be! Thank you so much to the event sponsors from around Great Falls (Taco Johns, Bloomgren Rivera & Co, LPW Architects, Cappis Physical Therapy and Severson Rental) for helping us get the set up for the screens and sound system, it made for a memorable night!!!!

As for the rest of you, we WILL be hitting you all up again soon with more Shattered Soul awesomeness, but in the mean time check out the latest work our kids have done in LBP Club! This newly-minted trailer features student projects from the past 5 years of LBP Club!

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