Frequently Asked Questions

Is Team KAIZEN a Christian game company?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Team KAIZEN is a secular game company. Several of the founders (including Joshua, Trevor and Cyndi Hughes) are Christian and there is also representation in the team and management levels from other philosophical views that include Atheist, Agnostic and Muslim. Some of the games Team KAIZEN will develop definitely explore issues like spirituality and morality, but our games are NOT built for any 1 subsection of society (except gamers!) and are meant to be compelling and engaging to everyone regardless of their philosophical view.

What does ‘Kaizen’ mean?

At the end of WW2, the US teamed up with Japan to help the Japanese rebuild. During this time of reconstruction, the Japanese pushed themselves to never stop improving and developed the term ‘Kaizen’ (which literally means ‘good change’) to embody that philosophy. Companies such as Toyota have made Kaizen bigger in the public eye by encouraging companies to embrace positive change while treating customers, employees, competitors and the public in general with the upmost in respect. Wikipedia has an awesome article on the term athttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaizen check it out!!

When I see the full Eagle-Ryu logo (Team KAIZEN’s official Eagle-Dragon insignia), it has 4 Kanji across the bottom, what do they mean?

The 4 Kanji (Chinese characters, there are over 10,000 Kanji in all and Japan makes use of roughly 2,000 of them) are written in Japanese style and are said as ‘To-Zai-Yu-Gou’ and translate to ‘A Fusion of East and West’. They were written by Tokyo native Saori Kameue for Team KAIZEN and embody our desire to take the best elements of Japanese and Western game design to make games that rock on all standards. If you look at the top of this website, under the word ‘team’, you can see the 4 Kanji there as well.

Can I join Team KAIZEN?

Well, truth be told the answer to this question is very hard to answer in a FAQ area. The best thing you could do is go to the Careers section of our site and send us an email with your resume and/or links to your site or works. Even if we don’t have openings at the time, you can always join our online community and be part of the movement that will forever change the game industry!

What platform/system is Team KAIZEN developing for?

Team KAIZEN is Montana’s 1st PlayStation Certified Game Studio and one of our titles, Burst!, is in development for PS Vita. Shattered Soul is currently in the PC-based tech demo phase (we’re making the game equivalent of a pitch or pilot ATM) but we hope for that to be PlayStation bound in one form or another as well.

What is Team KAIZEN’s connection to Add-A-Tudez?

Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company (also Co-Founded by Joshua and Trevor Hughes) is the parent company of Team KAIZEN. Add-A-Tudez’s other projects include monthly substance-free techno raves in the Great Falls, Montana area and T-Shirts.

I have an idea I would like Add-A-Tudez or Team KAIZEN to turn into a game…

Unfortunately, at this time Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company and Team KAIZEN do not have the resources in place to be accepting proposals for either game elements, story ideas or games completed by other people. We do, however, encourage everyone whom is interested to try and form their own teams, make their own indy games and try to make it in the industry. We do hope to, in the near future, offer at least some basic resources, ideas and encouragement to other indy developers to help them along the way…but we have to get up and running first!

Is there places I can hang with the TK Crew?

Yup! We hope to have our studio (physical location) open soon, and the plan is to have a coffee bar or something in there where you can come chill and meet with us. Also, we will eventually (read: once we are fully up and running) post Team KAIZEN specific online id’s so you can sign into services such as PlayStation Network and play with us online. Don’t forget to watch the blog and main pages of this site to see if Team KAIZEN is attending events in your area where you can come chill with us too!