REALLY Close To Rockin’ Your Minds!!!


REALLY Close To Rockin’ Your Minds!!!

Hey KAIZEN Fans! Josh here, it’s been WAAAAAAY too long! I got a couple of updates for ya (including a FaceBook post below, but really you should’ve seen it already because you follow us at right????)!


So, anyways, as you can tell we’re rebuilding our site (epic server crash, thankfully not a lot of work was lost). This new home is pretty fun though, except for the fact that it was blog-post-less UNTIL TODAY!!!!


E3 was amazing for us this year! The entire TK crew got invited to a PlayStation Friends and Family party in downtown LA. On top of that, several of us repped TK at the PlayStation Press conference (including Mom scoring footage of Trev, with a few of our crew, breaking down in tears at the Final Fantasy 7 remake announcement). E3 definitely has become our nerdy family reunion every year and this was the best one by far!


Also, recently, we were guests at the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art’s Arts on Fire party. We had a blast as several hundred families checked out our GAEMS units running a LittleBigPlanet 3 level we made for expos (one that teaches If-And-Then Statements through BMX bikes).


Up and coming there is 2 big places you can party with us!


Firstly, for the weekend of October 9-11 Trev and I are the Montana Guests of Honor at the 2015 Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous at the Town House Inn on 10th Avenue South. Why not come party with us? We’re honored to be GFGR’s Guests of Honor this year and can’t wait to rep video gaming at Great Falls’ only nerd con!


Secondly, November 30th from 5-8 PM Mighty Mo Brewery in Downtown Great Falls has graciously offered to throw a benefit for Trev for his kidney and Guillain-Barre problems. (For those wondering, Guillain-Barre is totally unrelated to his kidney problems and is a nerve disorder where your immune system is tricked into eating your nerves. He can walk with a cane again -after being bed and wheelchair ridden- but it could be as much as 3 years before he’s back to normal). We will be live streaming games from there as well as having music, auctions and a 50/50. A dollar off each pint sold that night will go to Trev’s recovery so come raise a glass!


Thanks everyone–I promise updates will come MUCH more often now! Thanks for being such awesome fans and we can’t wait to blow the lid off of Shattered Soul’s tech demo!!!




The post from FaceBook:

So, today we got most of our animations working in the Unity build of Shattered Soul’s tech demo.

We will show this tech demo soon (hopefully VERY soon) but please keep in mind it’s using rough assets and not meant to look like a polished/final product šŸ™‚. (It’s meant to show general gameplay flow to try and secure funding for a full length/polished version.)

Anyways, I’m writing this post because one of our animators and I were going over the set-list of remaining moves to be animated. In order to show him the rhythm/flow of the kind of insane 90’s 3D fighters we’re trying to emulate, I showed him the first YouTube video that popped up for Battle Arena Toshinden:

Toshinden, along with other 90’s greats like Bloody Roar 2, Rival Schools, Street Fighter EX Series, Ehrgiez and more are the inspiration for Shattered Soul. As a kid, I was obsessed with these games (still have my longbox of Toshinden as well as my original copies of several of these games–and I STILL play them!) and would write my own ideas of what would be awesome characters for these games. Trevor, on his own, started creating his own characters as well as he learned how to draw.

After we lost everything in 2002 due to Trev’s medical problems, he and I would dream of what it’d be like to make our own fighting game and have a team putting it together. We started taking all our random ideas of what’d make an awesome 90’s fighter and began the long process of refining the concepts and characters until they formed 1 cohesive universe and story.

Along the way we met all these amazing people who joined Team KAIZEN in our bid for world domination through gaming. Thanks to them, Shattered Soul has grown conceptually to something Trev and I never could have initially imagined. I’m very proud of our team and how far we’ve come! There’s still a long road ahead, but I can’t wait to show you all soon what we’ve been working on!

At E3 this year, we ran into a game industry dignitary (withholding his name since we didn’t get express consent to run his comments). When he found out we were running a start up game studio, he asked us to quick-pitch the concept. After doing so, one of his comments was, “Shattered Soul is so 90’s in the best way possible!” I’d say that means our team is on the right track šŸ˜‰.


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